Medium/Tall mount is pretty wobbly

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I'm a tall person, and have to use the Medium/Tall mount to get my Navdy in the optimal position. The Short mount looks very cool, but it just doesn't work for me.

The main issue is how the Medium/Tall mount attaches to my dashboard. It would seem to me that the 3 little "feet" on the plastic ring should come down and rest on the dash, but these is a 1mm gap, which allows the mount to vibrate significantly, especially at freeway speeds. I've cranked down the part that screws in as much as I can, but the gap remains. It was a mild inconvenience in the winter, but as the temperature increases, that rubber foamy part is loosening up more and more. If I take my hand and press the mount down, it works great, so I know the problem is the foamy base, not the Medium/Tall spindle that holds the display.

The only picture I have handy is slightly out of focus, and I'll try to get a better one after work.

This picture shows another problem I have. The plastic disk that sticks onto my dashboard has a difficult time staying stuck. My dashboard is a hard plastic, but it is textured with tiny ridges, which reduces the surface area that it can effectively stick to. You can see in the picture how it is pulling away from the dashboard, and I frequently have to pull the mount off and put pressure on the disc to flatten it out.

The solution that I came up with in my head is to somehow use the Short base, and have extensions that attach to that in order to raise the power puck up to a level that works for my eye line.

ARE those 3 feet supposed to touch the dashboard? I feel like that would solve the problem, or at least ameliorate it.


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    Hey @hazmatt great question!

    I'm also taller and have a similar setup when I drive. The 3 feet should touch the dash. One tip is to make sure that one of the feet is not resting on the "tail" of the adhesive disc, which can prevent the 3 feet from touching the dash.

    I have found in my experience it is usually easiest to install the mount alone first while pressing down firmly in the center and screwing in the bottom knob until tight. Once I do this, I pop in the mount with the power puck and loosely tighten the top knob and mount/align Navdy. Once I have the right alignment I screw in the top knob until tight.

    I'd suggest trying to clean the suction base to make sure that it adheres the best it can. Clean the suction base with water, wipe away dirt with your fingers, and then allow the adhesive bottom to air dry before adhering the mount to dashboard.

    I like the idea you brought up about a modular mount - check out the Ideas board and post it there for comments/voting from other community members if you'd like!

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    I took some additional pictures. In this first one, the mount is screwed all the way down, but on the left you can see there is still a height difference between the foot and the bottom of the foamy.

    In this one, you can see on the right-hand side how the foot does not touch the dash. I checked to make it was not near the tail of the adhesive disc. If the "tail" is at 12 o'clock, the feet are at 2, 6, and 10.

    Same situation, but the left-hand side.

    This picture shows the curvature of my dash, which is certainly a factor, the feet not touching, the warping of the plastic disc, and the texture of my dash and how it is the bane of anything adhesive.

  • Thanks for the added clarity. Lets connect via DM and see if we can find a solution for you.

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    Maybe Navdy can send you a new disk, Yours does look wavy.  I am tall too and I used the medium mount and have no problems.  The disk if it not sticking you can often re-activate the adhesive by wiping the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol.
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    I cleaned the adhesive disc, cleaned my dashboard, placed it where I needed it, CLAMPED it, and left it overnight before putting the suction base back on.  Same exact result.  Worse even.

    So I just chucked the adhesive disc and put the suction base directly on my dashboard.  There was a significant reduction in the amplitude of vibration, and it appears that things are working "as intended" now.  I guess if there was a way to order a new adhesive disc I would try it again.  I have a plan to chop up the Medium mount and glue it to the Short mount, but I am pretty happy with how things are now.

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    @hazmatt - Look out for a message from me as we can send you additional discs or the like to reattempt a future installation. 
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    I had an issue with the adhesive disc pulling up on the edges causing the tall mount to fall over. So I cut out a larger replacement circle out of 3D printing surface material with its own adhesive; and now it holds. So I believe the original mounting disc needs to be larger to avoid this problem. Also the adhesive appears to soften on a hot dashboard in the sun.

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    I just bought a new car and moved Navdy over. The Mini Countryman needs the medium mount but the vibrations are killing me. As it stands this is pretty unfit for purpose when compared to using the short mount in my old BMW 1 Series. Any and all suggestions appreciated. 
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    I am still struggling with this. One issue seems to be the length of the securing "legs" on the mount not touching the surface of the dash disc. I can only get one of the three to push against the disc. The disc is also struggling to hold to the dash. I am really enjoying my Navdy but the wobbles are annoying, especially coming from a short mount with none... I did have the short mount on the dash in the Mini before using the medium mount and these problems didn't exist, however that sits Navdy at an angle and way too low so I need the medium mount. does the sticky pad on the mount push the unit too far above the disc. Is there anything else I could do to settle this?
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    So today I followed the video on the following page: 

    This video shows fitting the medium mount to the dash without the disc. I followed this video to see if that would make a difference and it did, the mount was much better with less vibration. The mount was on my dashboard for 7 hours or so at which point I removed it to improve the location. To my shock my one week old car now has a suction ring and leg indents in the dash, I am furious and only hope that removing the suction mount will allow heat to help the mark correct. I'll see what happens tomorrow... for now I'll try and get some sleep but that's gonna be difficult... :-(
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    @MarkyUE We'd love to take a look at that closer with you - would you mind replying in our e-mail chain with pictures as well?
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    @Bob ;I added a photograph of this issue to our private discussion. At the moment I am not using the mount or Navdy at all :'(

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    Hi @MarkyUE - we've sent you an email directly so that we can address the behavior you've run into. Can you reach out there so that we can get the proper team to take a look?
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    I have had some success!

    I really liked the stability of the Short mount, but I am not short, so I needed to come up with something else.  I started by pulling the Medium mount column out of the base.

    It must have been molded in place, since there were tiny holes attaching the two pieces together. Pretty cool.

    Next, I super-glued the column to the Short mount.

    At this point, I probably could have stopped.  CVA glue holds pretty tight, and unless you are constantly driving on dirt roads, there isn't a lot of load on that joint.  But as I've always said, "if something is worth doing, it's worth over-doing".  So, a trip down to the FLGS got me some Green Stuff...

    ...and I used that to fill in the hole left by not using the Power Puck in this spot.

    This is the part where I kind of screwed up.  After the Green Stuff hardened up, I used a sharp knife to cut most of the excess off, then sanded it level with the plastic.  In this next picture, you can see the lighter green areas are where the knife pulled instead of cutting, and pulled the putty below the level of the plastic.  When I sanded it smooth, this left small indentations in the surface.  It doesn't affect anything other than me knowing that's it is ugly.  I'm trying to ignore it.

    From there, it was just masking it off for painting.  PRO TIP: tape just doesn't want to stick to that neoprene the base is made out of.  I used so much tape because I basically had to stick it to itself.  After masking, I gave it a coat of primer, then a nice coat of satin-finish black paint.

    I think it turned out pretty good, although you can really see the dimples where I screwed up the putty from this angle.  Good thing I'm not OCD about it. HAHAHAHAHAHA  #sigh

    And here we have the finished product in the car.

    I'm still using the Medium Mount post.  It's about 5mm shorter than I would like.  I tried putting it further down the dash and using the Tall Mount post, but the amplitude of the vibrations were pretty bad.  This way, it is far, far better than using the Suction base.  It's not "rock steady", but anything that makes it shake it shaking the car pretty good, too.  If (when?) I modify another base, I'll probably chop up the Adhesive Disc and add 2 or 3 layers of that before I glue the column into place.  That should put it just about perfect for me.
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