Brightness screwed up

Latest beta load today, device brightness is all screwed up. Powered up when I got in car (uploaded beta load on way home from work) when I headed out for a fire (volunteer fire department). Blinded by full brightness of Navdy (in dark). Powered off and on a couple times and it stayed full brightness. Let boot up while trying to drive blinded. Finally able to adjust brightness, crank it way down. Close brightness window and it dims even more. Open and adjust again, close, same issue. Long story short, something broke the brightness settings. Also, while booting up, it had a very hard time finding my phone. That seems to be working now. Also phone screen seems different, what changes did you all make to software for this beta load? Seems to be more than just bug fixes.


  • cale250cale250 Posts: 2Member
    I can also confirm the brightness issue. It seems to reset to a little above the middle (60%?) on each startup and then returns to auto after adjusting the setting.
  • crawfpmcrawfpm Posts: 75Member
    I would have liked the 60% but I kept getting 100%. Killer brightness in a dark car. 
  • starmanstarman Posts: 10Member
    Same issue here, it almost needs a safety warning (or urgent fix). If you plan on driving at night with the Navdy it's pretty much essential that you let it start up before you commence your trip and then manually adjust the brightness downward, otherwise you'll be suddenly blinded while driving! Interestingly the brightness control setting dial indicates that the brightness is still at a middle setting, even though it feels like it's at 100%. Out of curiosity I tried turning it up even brighter - it was so intense I was sure I was going to break something
  • warwagonwarwagon Posts: 51Member
    Same here.
  • AdobeAdobe Posts: 1Member
    Same here.

    Oh my eyes.
  • starmanstarman Posts: 10Member
    I fixed it ... I put my solar eclipse glasses on
  • SlagmiSlagmi Posts: 16Member
    Similar issue here! And the Brightness setting options "auto" and "clock" seem to have disappeared. Oh and my Navdy has decided that it may turn itself back on after I exit the vehicle. And stay on.  
  • StewNJStewNJ Posts: 1Member
    Same problem.  Blinding at night, and too dim during the day.  Night/day mode reversed?
  • philphil Posts: 118Member, Administrator, Moderator
    Thanks for reporting this guys. The latest beta, just published, should fixed the display brightness. 
    v.1.3.3049 is available if the Beta toggle is enabled.

    The brightness bug was introduced in the last beta. 

    Sorry I didn't jump on the thread sooner.

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