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SkyerSkyer Posts: 1Member
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I wish search a place on Google to my phone and send the route directly on navdy
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  • @Skyer Thanks for submitting this idea! I'm not sure this is possible with our current routing setup, but I'll be sure to ask the team and update this post once I have some more clarification!

  • rideontimerideontime Posts: 33Member
    This sounds like an excellent idea. I would prefer if the maps can be based on Google Maps instead of HERE. Google's maps are more updated and HERE has a tendency to send me to dead ends due to outdated mapping information.
  • seliasonseliason Posts: 3Member
    I purchased Navdy because I drive for both UBER and LYFT.  Unfortunately, Navdy does not suit my purpose because it does not automatically sync with the open Google Maps on my android to mirror the destinations imported by the rideshare companies.  I wouldn't think that it would be a major coding problem to modify the Navdy software with an option to automatically mirror any destination that is opened on the smart phone.  I've been asked by other rideshare drivers how I like Navdy and I tell them that it is wonderful, but not yet ready for our profession.  If you could make this simple software enhancement it would be perfect and I would not hesitate to endorse of recommend it to the UBER and LYFT drivers.  This is a huge market and, of course our rideshare customers do ask about it so it would be great advertising for your product.  Otherwise, I love your product and do use it on my personal trips.
  • seliasonseliason Posts: 3Member
    I have a lot of Google Map destinations automatically pushed to my smartphone where they open automatically.  It would be nice if Navdy could be programmed to automatically default to the destination information shown on the smartphone so as to eliminate having to reenter it.  Simply program Navdy to automatically mirror the destination information that is already displayed on the smart phone.
  • mparoucamparouca Posts: 0Member
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    I would like to know if it's possible to have the Uber or Lyft app to feed the navdy map with the destination information after accepting a trip with one of the sharing ride apps, so, after accepting a trip the driver can return the focus on Navdy display.
  • cdrumcdrum Posts: 4Member
    I thought it was integrated with google maps already? Or is it only the mobile app?
  • rideontimerideontime Posts: 33Member
    The part where you search for set the destination is powered by google maps. That's it.

    Traffic information, how to get there, etc. is handled by here maps.

    Sometimes, here maps isn't as good as google. E.g. live traffic information and routing.

    And sometimes, here maps sends you to the wrong place even though it can be found on google maps.

  • shishir4866shishir4866 Posts: 1Member
    HERE keeps me routing to destination via by-lanes and alleys which causes more travelling time than the previous route. Google Map is more precise. Can we have an option to choose application for real time navigation. This is my only gripe with Navdy and prevents me from using the device at most times.
  • ddv2005ddv2005 Posts: 3Member
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    I was ready to buy Navdy right now but then I found that it does not support Google Maps and Google Traffic. Without Google traffic it useless because I still have to use my phone to navigate. You create good device and you are first but if you do not implement Google traffic in nearest feature then next HUD device ( ) will kill your business.

  • andrewjkmandrewjkm Posts: 45Member
    @ddv2005 You misunderstand how Navdy currently works. You do not need to use your phone to navigate. Navdy provides accurate traffic information. Google Maps are only one of a number of options that could have been used, and HERE works perfectly well.
  • ddv2005ddv2005 Posts: 3Member
    andrewjkm Can Navdy get traffic info and route via Google maps? I guess that it can't. As I understand now Navdy use HERE to get traffic and make a route but HERE traffic, routers are terrible vs Google and I have to use my phone to use Google Maps navigation.
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