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Navdy usually auto connects upon startup and detection of my phone's bluetooth. But I have encountered instances when the bluetooth connection is not detected. And when I try to manually connect with Navdy menu, it doesnt connect. Neither does using the app to connect. I end up doing a factory reset of the unit and/or reinstalling the app on my phone and sometimes it works again. But it happened again today, and neither method works. please help


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    Hi @forjononly  - 

    Sorry you're having this problem. We've found a few instances where this happens. It's helpful for me to know the phone's OS version - the earlier versions of Android (pre-Android N have more fragile Bluetooth).

    Restarting your phone usually the lowest effort, most common solution. The Android Bluetooth's stacks can get in a poor state and a phone reboot frequently fixes it. Even easier, sometimes you can just turn your phone's Bluetooth on and off.

    Even without uninstalling the app, it's sometimes helpful to delete Bluetooth devices (including Navdy) and you can quickly re-pair.  I've never found that reinstalling the Android app fixes a problem. 

    Doing a factory reset of the Display and re-pairing the phone is a last resort but I know it's a pain and not typically necessary.

    For recent Android OSs, I haven't heard of frequent problems with devices losing their pairing.

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