I am wondering if having a block of solid rubber material immediately below the centre of the mount, between the short mount and the dash (under where the power puck sits) might provide more stability and reduce vibration?


  • philphil Posts: 35Member
    We haven't experimented with that but I don't think it will help. (I'd love to know if it does).

    I've heard of users placing foam around the outside of the short mount to dampen the vibration. The foam should have the broadest surface area. The problem with adding rubber directly underneath the display is it will transmit the vibration as much as it dampens it. 
  • andrewjkmandrewjkm Posts: 23Member
    You have a point there. So the question then remains as to how to damp the vibration (which I think is amplified by the flexible mount).
  • philphil Posts: 35Member
    What type of car do you have? Your profile say, "9-3 Aero Convertible". I'm surprised the flat mount wouldn't be the best option.
  • belobelo Posts: 4Member
    Sure would like to see consideration to a fix for the shakey medium mount setup...It appears that if the Navdy unit had some sort of support all around the ball mount to the base the ANNOYING jiggling would be suppressed....ANY word of that in the works???!
  • andrewjkmandrewjkm Posts: 23Member
    @Phil - indeed it's a Saab and I use the flat mount. However, the slope of the dash over the steering wheel forward to the bottom of the windscreen is steep and therefore the "tail" of the mount has to be bent in order to level the puck. This means that the two side wings are  also angled up somewhat from the dash, leaving the whole mount less stable than if the whole thing could simply be attached flat to the dash.
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