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NickANickA Posts: 43Member
I do love the fact that you are starting to translate Navdy into foreign languages. But could you please provide a translation into English English please?  Can we have "roundabout" instead of "traffic circle", "motorway" instead of "highway", and yards (or even metres) instead of feet for distances?


  • philphil Posts: 118Member, Administrator, Moderator
    Hey Nick - 
    Just wanted to let you know that we're working on this. We'll have the Queen's Range Rover using Navdy soon. ;)

    The Settings > General in the mobile app will let you change to metric.
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  • NickANickA Posts: 43Member
    Good to hear about the language point.  But distances need sorting too.  I want the option of miles and metres, or miles and yards.  If I change to metric, I get kilometres and metres.  If I choose "imperial" units, I get miles and feet!  I don't want either of these.  I want miles and yards (or miles and metres).
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