Navdy on iOS 11

philphil Posts: 35Member
Hey folks -

We know the public beta of iOS 11 is out and we're working on making sure that Navdy for iOS supports iOS 11.

We'll be pushing out updates to TestFlight that support iOS 11 as they become available. If you want to use iOS 11 in beta, we encourage you to join Navdy's iOS TestFlight group by submitting a support requests and include your email address.

I'll also keep you up-to-date on this thread with information about compatibility with iOS 11. 

The first and second developer beta of iOS 11 had significant issues and many users found Navdy's app unusable. 

We'll keep you up--to-date as we have more information.



  • nicholas2792nicholas2792 Posts: 1Member
    Do you know when it will be available on TestFlight?
  • philphil Posts: 35Member
    Hey! Thanks for checkin in.

    We plan to have a TestFlight version with some iOS 11 fixes published by the weekend. If you're not already on our TestFlight please reach out to me or the support team.

    I've just done some testing with iOS 11 Developer Beta 3. The basic functionality works (pairing, connecting, setting a route/navigating, glances), however call control don't work. We're filing some bugs with Apple. They warned us at WWDC that they changed a lot of the Bluetooth inner workings so hopefully we'll see improvements in future betas.

    The upcoming TestFlight release works around another iOS 11 crash that made the app unusable.

  • lphylphy Posts: 2Member
    Pls work towards pushing out the new Navdy app in phases. Critical feature should be able to navigate, phone calls and glances are secondary. Else the Navdy is just a pretty piece of brick sitting on my dashboard. 
  • BobBob Posts: 69Administrator, Moderator
    @lphy - Have we gotten you up and running on the TestFlight beta or are you not specifically referring to iOS 11 compatibility? We'd be happy to get you a TestFlight invitation, which should result in a better stability. Please DM me with the best e-mail address to add to TestFlight if you're looking for iOS 11 compatibility and access!
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