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johnkatsoudasjohnkatsoudas Posts: 5Member
Hi all.  I have a 2013 Range Rover Sport.  My issue is that when I'm playing music (Pandora, Apple Music, or music stored locally on my iPhone) via BT, I'm getting momentary 'hiccups' in the music every 10 - 15 seconds.  The connection doesn't drop entirely but the constant hiccups are very annoying.  If I turn the Navdy off, the issue goes away.  Turning the Navdy back on causes the problem to re-appear.  I'm currently running display v1.2.2684, but this has been happening for the last few versions.  Any ideas/suggestions?


  • johnkatsoudasjohnkatsoudas Posts: 5Member
    Any ideas/updates on this?  It's very annoying, to the point that if I want to listen to music streamed from my phone I have to turn Navdy off.  Recent firmware updates with BT enhancements have not made any difference.  I've tried deleting the BT pairings for the Navdy and reconnecting with no success.  Any help would be appreciated.
  • BobBob Posts: 71Administrator, Moderator
    Hi @johnkatsoudas- sorry about the trouble here. Can we have you reach out with a support ticket with some logs? We want to see what's happening on the back-end with our engineers as I haven't heard of this behavior before. With your help, a time-noted description of what you were experiencing with this audio issue, we'll be able to get to the bottom of this. Please send us logs with the steps below:

    1. Ensure your phone is connected to Navdy

    2. Within the Navdy app, navigate to Settings > Support > Contact Us

    3. Select Send Logs as your problem type

    4. Insert "ticket {{}}" into the body of the ticket

    5. Select Send to submit the ticket

  • MaritzsMaritzs Posts: 2Member
    I have the same issue have done a reset of Bluetooth on both my car and on navdy but it has not resolved the issue. This was the recommendation from navdy support via email. This is highly frustrating
  • JorgeJorge Posts: 1Member
    Same problem detected in two cars, and Audi S3 2014 and RS3 2016. Only deleting navdy jog front iPhone Bluetooth connections solve the problem. Right after connecting that again, the issue returns. Music interruptions every 10-15 seconds... is really annoying. Please help
  • akensanakensan Posts: 2Member
    I am having the same issue, has it been solved?
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