Navdy Display - v.1.2.2684

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Navdy Display - v.1.2.2684

Hey guys - You'll find the release notes for the Navdy display's beta version 1.2.2684, released on May 8th, 2017. If you're interested in trying our latest improvements, follow the steps found here to update to our beta.
  • Main Menu

    • Active trip menu option now shows an overview map for your route

  • Dash

    • UI for Speedometer and Tachometer now shows the speed limit more clearly

  • Navigation

    • Fixed issue where destination place icon sometimes didn’t show up

    • Reported issue now includes more information about whether traffic was used for route calculation

  • Music

    • Show default artwork if artwork is too large to transfer over Bluetooth on iOS

  • OBD

    • Try reconnecting with previous protocol - may improve OBD connection robustness in non-CAN cars (like 2002 Porsche 911)

  • System Info

    • Removed odometer gauge since it was not accurate
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