OBD-II connector coming loose

markwallace101markwallace101 Posts: 5Member
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Is anyone else having an issue with their OBD-II connector coming loose?  Everyday when I get in I have to reach under the dash and push it back in because it's wiggled loose a bit.

I had the Automatic OBD-II connector in before this, and it clicked into place and never came loose, so I'm wondering if the connection could be made to be more stable?

EDIT: I guess it would help if I looked at the forums more closely, this should have gone in Navdy & My Car.


  • BobBob Posts: 71Administrator, Moderator
    Hi @markwallace101 - I've sent you a DM in regards to this issue to ask some more specific questions! If needed we'll get our support team involved to ship out a new OBD-II cable.
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