MPG figures on dash gauge totally wrong

MarkyUEMarkyUE Posts: 58Member
I have Navdy running on my 2009 BMW 118D at the moment and the MPG figures displayed on the dash gauge are obviously wrong e.g. Navdy shows less than 18 and my car dash shows 48 or higher. My car is a Diesel and the average MPG is in the high 40s.


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    @MarkyUE I've sent an e-mail to address this with you directly :)
  • ShineyAdsShineyAds Posts: 6Member
    Bumping this as I've noticed this too - I have a Honda Civic 2.2l diesel. What was the outcome of this? 
  • MarkyUEMarkyUE Posts: 58Member
    I have now sold the BMW and run Navdy on my new Mini Countryman Cooper S All4 (Petrol). The MPG figures still don't match up to the Mini computer figures and I haven't heard any changes have been made to address this. @ShineyAds what country are you in? I wonder if this could relate to calculations incorrect by region... a wild guess, it could also be the reported data over OBD
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    I also have an issue with the "gas mileage (MPG)".
    Living in Switzerland / Europe, we use metric units (Kilometers [km], Liters [l], Hours [h], etc.].
    And we don't use mileage (MPG) but rather use fuel consumption in Liters per 100km (shown as "l/100km").
    When setting the units to kilometer (in the navdy app/preferences), it shows  the unit KMPL.
    Which is a unit I never used or heared of. Some search on google revealed, that KMPL could be "Kilometers per Liter". But I never did run into it.
    However, still then, the value is totally of.
    A consumption of 4 [l/100km] would correspond to 25 "Kilometers per Liter [KMPL]".
    The value shown during this consumption is in the range of 10 to 12 [KMPL] (if I recall right). Which is far away from either the one or the other.
    It might be a conversion error (from Gallons to Liter). Or a problem with what values/units a transfered over OBD in the metric system (might be different if car is set to metric compared to when in imperial mode).

    Moreover, with such low number, our cars usually display (at least) one decimal digit. (eg 4.1 [l/100km])
    (Because a change from 3 to 4 would mean a 33% jump and from 2 to 3 even a 50% jump. So please add a decimal digit.)

    Is there anybody out there using navdy in metric world and having shown the correct fuel consumption/mileage?
    (Either "l/100km" or "KMPL")?
    If yes, in which country and with what car? (Make, Type/Model, Year).

    Thanks in advance.

  • MarkyUEMarkyUE Posts: 58Member
    Is there an update on the MPG discussion? this is still an issue as the dash gauge is reporting total rubbish.
  • hazmatthazmatt Posts: 86Member
    I live in the USA, but I have my car's computer (2009 Toyota Venza) on metric because, well, metric is the global standard.  When I switched over and saw L/100KM, I was confused by the "fuel consumption" instead of "fuel economy" measurement.  Then I checked with friends in Europe, Asia, and Australia and found out that L/100KM is indeed how things are measured.  And I got used to it, because it makes sense (I average 10.2 L/100KM, for the record).

    So when I got my Navdy and switched it to metric, imagine my confusion when I was greeted with KM/L.  I understand that us United Statesians typically talk about fuel economy, but if the global standard for metric system users is L/100KM, then I firmly believe that the Navdy display should reflect that.  My car does, when it displays metric units.  And it's just numbers inside the device, so even if my car is sending Imperial units to the Display, it should be a fairly easy conversion to make.
  • rgloorrgloor Posts: 2Member
    I fully agree with you. This issue should be fixable.
    BTW, my average is about 5.0 l/100km when mainly short trips, city, etc. and on a good mix with longer trips in the range of 4.0-4.5 l/100km. However, the numbers shown are really odd. They do not match l/100km nor km/l.
    So there is work needed to fix that. I thought, that something like that should be a rather trivial calculation / fix. However, I had reported the issue to the support team in February. But it hasn't been fixed yet. That is THE most wanted (correct) value in one of the side gauges in the navdy display.
  • pistachoopistachoo Posts: 3Member
    Is it normal for the fuel mileage/consumption numbers to flicker wildly between random numbers and blank dashes? Because that's all I get. Like, 43 / 8 / -- / 16 ... Seems uselessly random.
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