Are you missing applications you want to enable on the Navdy glances configuration screen?

MarkyUEMarkyUE Posts: 58Member
When first configuring my Navdy I noticed that my primary mail application on iOS, Spark, was missing from the list of available apps I could select as glances (along with a few others). Having used my Navdy for a couple of days I now realise that a notification enabled application must have processed at least one notification after the Navdy app is initially configured to be "seen" and listed in the glances settings section. I have read and watched every tutorial video and read most of the help but I don't recall seeing a reference to this. Either I found a bug of some sort, or it's as designed and something that would be a useful note to add to the glances app screen or to the help documentation maybe?


  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    Hi! This is by design and I'm happy to clarify why. Navdy utilizes iOS' ANCS infrastructure to present notifications as Glances. Those apps visible in the Notification Glances section, such as Spark, only become visible when the app presents a notification through the ANCS infrastructure and the Navdy app is running. this is because Navdy listens for notifications and we cannot present the app's notifications on Navdy until we actively see one of these notifications.
  • MarkyUEMarkyUE Posts: 58Member
    Hey, thanks for the clarification and the information on ANCS. Do you think making this a note on the glances app settings page would be useful too? ANCS isn't something a non iOS developer or a general user would really know much about :smile:
  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    @MarkyUE - That's good feedback and I'll pass it along to our designers/engineers. Thanks!
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