Navdy Display Version 1.2.2615 Release Notes

AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
Hi folks! Below you'll find the release notes for the Navdy display's version 1.2.2615, released on May 1, 2017. We highly advise that you keep your Navdy up-to-date by performing the steps found here.

  • NEW! See all upcoming maneuvers under the Active Trip menu available by scrolling up from the main menu
  • Turn by turn text is shorter and easier to read
  • Shorter spoken speed limit warning (omitting the units)
Sharing Your Trip
  • Glympse expires when ending a trip
  • Profile photo correctly updates when switching users
  • We added "I'm here" to message options
  • Navdy will always show speed limit on speedometer gauge
System Info.
  • Navdy will show engine temperature (if made available by the vehicle)
  • Navdy's fan should turn off and on less often and run more quietly


  • warwagonwarwagon Posts: 55Member
    It said the speed will always be displayed now. but it still only displays once I reach the speed limit. Did they add an option in the menu that we have to turn on?
  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    @warwagon If you enter Dash mode you can customize one of the left/right tachometers so it shows the speed limit. Otherwise, Navdy will show your speed limit when you reach or exceed your speed limit in Dash and Maps mode.
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