Ideas Review Introduction

Without the comments, feedback, and support of our community of drivers around the world, we would not be able to produce exciting updates like we released in version 1.1 of Navdy. This community has already logged millions of miles with Navdy, and that’s just the start. With your continued contribution of feedback and ideas, we will keep making Navdy better together. On a regular basis we will use this space to let you know some of the top ideas we have been able to add to Navdy, ideas we haven’t been able to get into our apps, and ideas we may not be able to build into the apps and why that is. The goal is to offer you more transparency and involvement in building a great experience for Navdy owners.

Please feel free to visit the Ideas section and add features, comments, or up/down vote an existing idea that you would love to see added to Navdy, we’re eager to hear your thoughts!

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