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As I mentioned in My Intro I love cars. One thing I love to see if Navdy and how you have it setup in your car. Through our surveying process, a portion of users share photos of their setups. Seeing how many different cars around the globe that Navdy is actively used in is awesome, and I think that there is a certain amount of pride in showing how you have your Navdy mounted in your vehicle. I’ve pulled a few examples of photos shared with us by Navdy owners.

Tesla Model S

Ford Ranger

Saab 9-3

Volvo XC-70

I’d like to invite you to share a photo of your current setup with Navdy in your vehicle. When sharing, be sure to outline the Make/Model/Year of your vehicle in your post. If you use Navdy in multiple cars, feel free share as many photos as you would like! Looking for some advice about your setup? Feel free to start a new thread with your question and some photos!



  • hazmatthazmatt Posts: 85Member

    2009 Toyota Venza

  • Looking good, @hazmatt thanks for sharing!

  • coopcoop Posts: 2Member

    2015 Ford Fusion Titanium. Hard to take a pic of - cell phone cams (iPhone 6, Google Pixel) show the RGB scanning up, and my DSLR (Nikon D5300, used for this pic) finds the autofocus hard and manual focus can be a bit tricky in both the viewfinder and with live view on the screen.

  • RuggyNZRuggyNZ Posts: 7Member

    **2013 Hyundia ix35. **

  • Hey @coop

    Thanks for sharing your setup!

  • edpedp Posts: 1Member
    Installation in a 2012 Volkswagen CC. The dash has a natural channel along the inside of the windshield making it a perfect hiding path for the OBD cable as you can see in two of the photos. The rest tucked neatly between the dash and the rubber door seal. I leave it on all the time whether I'm navigating or not. My speedometer reads 4 miles high, but the Navdy's speedo gauge is right on the radar gun.

  • mieitemieite Posts: 5Member
    Skoda Octavia 2012

    As you can see from these photos, I was able to hide the cable between the windshield and the dash, and then tucked it between the A-pillar and the dash. Only shows for the way from the OBD-connector to the door. Extra cable hidden behind the console on the side of the dash.

    And here is the end result. I prefer the dial further down, as it is less obstructive for handling. Begind the steering wheel is my phone holder with the lightning bolt.
  • @edp and @mieite Thanks so much for sharing! Both of your installs look really good, and I'm sure your tips about how you were able to hide the cable will help others!
  • iamcatdaddyiamcatdaddy Posts: 4Member
    Invested many hours to find the sweet spot for my Chevy Volt and the Navdy...please see photos
  • @iamcatdaddy Thanks for posting your setup, it looks great! Do you by chance have any tips for other users who drive the Volt based on your experience?
  • fabienfabien Posts: 3Member

    Hey guys,

    I just received my navdy today :) I installed it in my 2011 Audi A1. So far I am thrilled ! It fits well on my dash, and I was able to easily hide most of the wire. The screen quality is very impressive, i had to reduce the brightness as I can be VERY bright.

    I am happy with the update 1.3 which lets me enjoy navdy in old good French. I am also nicely surprised by my iPhone 7 ability to handle multiple Bluetooth connections (car, Apple Watch and navdy) at the same time. 

    My setup : navdy + Audi A1 w Bluetooth (call and audio streaming) + iPhone 7

  • dhchoidhchoi Posts: 2Member
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    New Audi A6

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