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Hey there,

I wanted to take a moment to highlight the new music features on Android with version 1.1. New to Android is the ability to browse your music that you’ve loaded onto your Android phone. This means that you can now browse through your albums, artists, and playlists saved to your phone directly on Navdy when you are driving.

I’d love to hear what you think of the new music features! What are you listening to on your next drive? Have any questions? Feel free to check out the Music Browsing for Android article in our Help Center, or comment below!


  • cuhullainncuhullainn Posts: 6Member
    I have the Samsung s7 and the Navdy display 1.1.2555 version. I still cannot find my playlist, authors, titles...
    Only when I play directly from my phone that Navdy will pick it up.
    My music is currently stored at the following location:
    SD Card/android/data/
  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    @cuhullainn - Our engineers and quality assurance teams are looking into your specific scenario. We'll get to the bottom of this and I'll follow up once I hear back from them.
  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    @cuhullainn - We weren't able to reproduce what you experienced on our end so we'll reach out via email to further troubleshoot this. We want to make sure you can utilize music browsing on your Navdy.
  • cuhullainncuhullainn Posts: 6Member
    Thanks for follow up, as a "google music user", until a solution is found, the most efficient way now is to select a playlist on the phone either directly or with google voice. Cheers!
  • JohnDJohnD Posts: 7Member
    I have the same problem.  It appears music browsing from the Navdy display only works for music copied to internal storage root Music directory, and not memory card. Please fix (add support for Navdy browsing music from the memory card).  I would be fine with having to configure the Android app to tell it where Google Play Music stored downloaded music on the memory card, but copying the music to internal storage is not practical (no space for a second copy and a mainenance mess to have 2 copies).
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