GPS Position Delayed by about 2 seconds

warwagonwarwagon Posts: 35Member
Navdy Display Beta Version 1.1.2555

When traveling, I went to the Map view, only to notice that my position on the map was delayed by around 2 seconds. As an example, let's say my car just passed Lee Drive. About 2 seconds later Navdy would put my car passing Lee Drive.

I don't use map view a lot and I hadn't tested it on the Official release but I am currently running the latest beta.


  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    @warwagon - By chance, do you remember the approximate speed you were traveling, the approximate location, and approximate date and time when this happened? Also, can you submit logs from your Navdy app by:
    1. Ensure Navdy is powered on and your phone is connected to Navdy
    2. Within the Navdy app, navigate to Settings > Support > Contact Us
    3. Select Send Logs as your problem type
    4. Insert "attn: Adam" into the body of the ticket
    5. Submit the ticket
    Providing all this information and your logs will help me dive into this with the developers. Thanks!
  • warwagonwarwagon Posts: 35Member
    Alright, I turned the Navdy on and drove down the street to make sure the GPS had a signal then sent the logs.
  • CrayzeeGuyCrayzeeGuy Posts: 18Member
    As mentioned in another thread, I have seen delays of up to 4 seconds when traveling 40mph.  I missed a turn last week as I thought I still had a block to go.  In urban environments, its tough as 2-4 seconds can cover an entire block.
  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    @CrayzeeGuy - I sent you a dm to further troubleshoot your specific scenario. Please look out for my message.
  • warwagonwarwagon Posts: 35Member
    edited April 4

    Adam said:

    @CrayzeeGuy - I sent you a dm to further troubleshoot your specific scenario. Please look out for my message.

    Thanks, I updated the maps (MY GOD does that take a long time to transfer it to the Navdy). Tried it again and it still lagged. Send you another log batch. 

    I did find one issue with the map updating software. After you get done updating. The instructions given to Eject The Navdy on the Windows x64 version shows the Mac Eject Instructions.
  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    Hi everyone. I really appreciate your patience with this. We're actively looking into this on our side and I'll follow up with further details once I hear back from our engineers.
  • ScottDScottD Posts: 6Member
    Glad to hear this.  I've tried at various speeds and it's always behind at least two seconds.  Zooming out seems to make it even worse.
  • AdamAdam Posts: 164Administrator, Moderator, Community Manager
    Thanks for everyone's patience as we look into this on our end. We have found and confirmed a map matching issue in the latest version of the HERE mobile SDK. This issue appears to cause a delay in the triangle positioning on the Navdy display UI that displays your GPS position. We’re actively working with HERE to rectify this but an ETA is unknown at this time. 
  • MarkyUEMarkyUE Posts: 22Member

    I did a longer run last night using Display: 1.2.2659 and iOS client 1.1.7-1380. The general operation of maps seemed to be inconsistent in comparison to my previous experiences. I nearly missed a couple of turns and did miss one. In several cases there was a delay in tracking my position and then updating the map and in some the instructions were either on the turn or during/nearly after. However at times tracking and instructions seemed to be ok. GPS tracking was always strong.

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